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The Archives

Who: Aatos Wulf
When: 12 AM
Where: The Archives (Library) of the Holy Woman Church
Open To: Anyone within the area.

It was midnight and while most of the population was now asleep Aatos was wide awake. He didn't have insomnia as many people suspected. No, the truth was that Aatos was nightowl. It wasn't uncommon for the man to go to bed at 2am and wakeup at 10am in the late morning. Tonight, or this morning, whichever is most comfortable, Aatos was browsing the archives of the Holy Woman church. Out of all the sects this one had the largest and most advanced catalog of books. Aatos walked through the shelves, his fingers lightly gazing the hard textured spines of the books. Most of these books were just personal records of members of The Order. Nothing that Aatos could ever find interesting.

"After all, what should amuse me about Anthony Blake liking to bake cookies in his mother's apron?" Aatos chuckled to himself.

He continued his ritual through the books until he found one that caught his interest. The spine was brown and cracked, it's cover a leathery one. Aatos pulled the book from it's slot and read the title.

The Intricult Nature of Gods Appearing as Us.

Aatos grasped the book. Did he dare read the contents? He could find out something that noone else had noticed before. This could also be a gift from God, Lord of Serpent and Reeds. Aatos wanted to make sure, but he didn't want to tempt the Gods. Solemnly he bowed his head and said a short prayer. The book was clutched underneath his right shoulder. When he was done he grabbed the book again and stared at it. From inside the book came crawling forth a black widow. Terrified, Aatos threw the book to the ground and remained frozen in place. The book landed open, face down on the floor. The spider crawled from underneath the book, unharmed by it's weight.

Aatos stood still as the spider made it's way underneath a floorboard. After regaining his wits, he knelt down on the floor and carefully picked up the book and turned it over. Staring at him was chapter 6 "The Mono and Poly Incarnations of the Gods"

All of the Gods of Silent Hill have the unique ability to incarnate themselves as one of us. That is to say that these Gods can appear as one of us ordinary humans. The Gods are divided in two groups. The monoincarnation and the polyincarnation. The Gods in the monoincarnation group incarnate themselves as one human, and will keep that human alive forever by means of resurrection. The polyincarnation group are able to incarnate themselves as several humans. Often times they will take over the minds of those either dead, or half living.

Aatos stared at this in wonderment. He then bowed his head, and whispered "Gracias, Señor de la Serpiente y de Cañas."

*Thankyou, Lord of Serpent and Reeds."
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