Evan Wallace (stellar_compass) wrote in townofsilence,
Evan Wallace

Who: Evan Michael Wallace
When: Anywhere from mere moments to maybe half an hour after he left from where he briefly met Alessa. So nighttime.
Where: Cafe 5to2, along Bachman Rd., in Old Silent Hill.
Open to: Anybody in foggy Silent Hill.

I swear to god, if I see one midget singing about a yellow brick road, I'm going to smash something, Evan thought irritably as he moved hastily down Bachman Road. A postcard from a woman he'd never met, weird fog, and disappearing girls... Christ, when did Stephen King start writing my life? This is fucked up on a scale I-I don't even know how to measure. The girl disappeared! She didn't run off, she just friggin' vanished! Jesus Christ, I don't know whether I can deal with this shit. Do I look like John Constantine? Dr. Fate? David-fucking-Copperfield? He was thinking all these things because he didn't have anyone to say them to, and somehow ranting out loud to himself in a town where girls could disappear all willy-nilly just didn't seem right.

Then again, that girl had said there were other people here. Maybe he could find them and see if anything weird had happened to them... He knew the woman that gave him a ride was around here somewhere, and that little girl... Note to self: Next time a little girl approaches you in a diner, run the hell away! His eyes fell on a little cafe and he sighed in relief. A place to get out of the perpetual fog and weirdness. Right now, he wasn't too concerned with it being closed. A girl had just disappeared right before his eyes. Somehow, he didn't think anybody in this town was going to care one whit if some runaway committed a little breaking-and-entering.

Turns out, the door was unlocked. Evan wasn't sure why he tried to open it, but when it actually opened he stopped immediately and stared at where his hand met the door in something akin to terrified awe. "...There is no way that's good," he muttered, but went in anyway, figuring he didn't really have too many options. If it was dangerous here, he'd need a weapon, and this place might have something to help him with that. Not to mention he could swipe some caffeine from the place that he could use to keep him awake throughout his little trek through the town.

The place looked normal enough. There was something about it, though, some kind of creepy vibe that made Evan shiver. Oh man. I'm breaking how many horror movie rules by doing this? Hell, if I were obeying those rules I'd've ran right back the way I came the minute that girl disappeared. He paused for a moment just inside the doorway, the door swinging closed behind him. After a moment of thought, he cautiously moved further into the cafe. Part of him wanted to call out to anyone that could be in here, but he had no idea who - or what - that girl was referring to when she'd said it was dangerous here. He didn't want to risk that some angry angel was hiding in here waiting to kill the first person that made their presence known.

He did see a few things he could use, though. A chair, for instance, made a pretty decent bludgeoning instrument. A bit unwieldly, but if there really were some freaky angels running about town, then an unwieldly weapon was better than no weapon, of that Evan was damn sure. He'd have to find a better one eventually, but for now he would call it the Chair of Doom and it would be like a four-posted Excalibur. Or not, but he could at least pretend the chair was a good weapon. It was a little difficult to keep his flashlight pointed in the right direction while holding it in the proper manner to be a weapon, but he managed. Next he explored behind the counter, hoping to find perhaps a knife, which he figured would be a better weapon than his chair. Sadly, there was no knife to be found. There was a bottle of water underneath the counter, and he took that and stuffed it into his pocket.

He considered leaving right away, but decided that he would take a little rest here. Not much of one, but just a little time to catch his breath and wrap his brain around the fact that, in all likelihood, he'd just had a conversation with a ghost and had somehow wandered into some kind of very big trouble. He did one final thing before he sat down, however. He managed to yank the necessary letter buttons off the register, went to the door, and placed the buttons in such a way as to read the following:

People welcome!

It wasn't much, but it would have to do. His final task finished for the moment, he proceeded to a seat in the corner from which he could watch the rest of the cafe and plopped down, content to rub his temple and take a small breather. He would wait five minutes, and if no one came, he'd leave. That was the best plan he could come up with while still in shock over what had just happened to him.

(OOC: I'm assuming the knife, radio, health drink, and the flashlight from the cafe were nabbed by Harry, as they were in the game. Evan's flashlight was brought from home.)
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