Lindie Enderline (enderline) wrote in townofsilence,
Lindie Enderline

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Who: Lindie Enderline
When: Late morning/early afternoon
Where: Near the church
Open to: Anybody

The town was... weird. Moreso than the rumours and stories had described. There was the layout, for one- there were buildings, streets, whole blocks that weren't on the map, or were in the wrong place. She was pretty sure she'd passed two different "Heaven's Night" stores. And then, there were the roads...

Some were blocked off by huge, covered scaffolds. Some, the roads had caved in. Some were barricaded by junk. Some just dropped off sharply, chasms whose bottoms were obscured by the fog.

She'd taken shots of everything. She had no idea what was going on, but it was one hell of a crazy ride.

Now, she just had to find that church the guy had mentioned.

A crazy patchwork town with a weird cult... you can't make this stuff up.
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