Evan Wallace (stellar_compass) wrote in townofsilence,
Evan Wallace

WHO: Evan
WHERE: Still at the café.
WHEN: Definitely nighttime.
OPEN TO: Anyone and everyone.

Evan had been in the café long enough. It was really time to get the hell out. As safe as it seemed, who knew how long it would be before that ghost came back? Or some other ghost, or one of those angel things she talked about, for that matter. “Next time,” he muttered as he shifted his pack and shrugged it on, “I get to pick where we hold the reunion.” He rose from his seat, hefted the chair he’d acquired as a makeshift bludgeoning weapon – all those years of watching WWE had paid off, apparently – and glanced around the place once more. He still couldn’t believe that there weren’t any other useful supplies in here…of course; he hadn’t really explored the other rooms in the café.

He wasn’t a huge fan of the prospect, but his need for whatever useful items could potentially be in those rooms outweighed his fear. Besides, it was dark out there, and while he would be okay as long as he had his flashlight, he wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to go wondering around this place at night. Hefting the chair awkwardly up until he could kind of prop it against the side of his head and shoulder, he brought up his flashlight with his newly freed left hand and turned it on, holding it up in front of him as he crept towards the bathroom in the café. Not that he thought he’d find anything of use there, but…well, hey, in this town, he wasn’t making any assumptions. That much, he’d already decided, was absolutely key to survival.

His heart pounded so loudly in his ears he could have sworn there was a heavy metal drummer on speed beating out the wild rhythm. So much for horror movie rules, he chided himself silently. Guess that Jamie Kennedy guy from Scream just wasn’t persuasive enough. He just hoped he didn’t end up reenacting a scene from the Exorcist. Or from one of Romero’s Dead movies. Or…well, any horror movie he’d ever seen, really. What he wouldn’t give for some Disneyfied anthropomorphic animals right about now.
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