Lisa Garland (blindbloodtears) wrote in townofsilence,
Lisa Garland

WHO: Lisa Garland
WHERE: Just outside Alessa's room, Brookhaven
WHEN: It's getting hard to tell, these days...
OPEN TO: Anyone in Brookhaven

Ever since that other Alessa had shown up, things had been strange in the hospital. She no longer heard the other nurses talking in the halls, except for an occasional menacing growl. That man who had tried to kill her patient had also disappeared, though that wasn't particularily disappointing.

Lisa noticed that she was coming up with any reason to tell her patient why she had to go out, whether it was because she dropped a bottle on purpose, or because she thought she heard another intruder. Today was one of those days. The nurse in red told ehr patient that she needed to go discuss something with another nurse, and walked outside of the room.
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