Lindie Enderline (enderline) wrote in townofsilence,
Lindie Enderline

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WHO: Lindie Enderline
WHERE: Old Silent Hill streets, headed for Alchemilla
WHEN: Night, after Abigail's post
OPEN TO: Anyone

It was dark. It was dark, and she could hear things in the shadows, noises that reached in and clawed at the hindbrain promising a death with claws and teeth. So she ran, because a moving target was harder to get.

Shit. Shit shit shit.

What had she gotten herself into? It was more than she could handle, that was certain. The town was insane, there were things living there, and the people were crazy. She wondered about the kid she'd driven in. Was he okay? Was he even alive now?

Or maybe he was crazy, too.

Maybe she was.

"Is anyone in this place sane?"
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