Lisa Garland (blindbloodtears) wrote in townofsilence,
Lisa Garland

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Who: Lisa Garland (movie)
When: Morning
Where: Brookhaven Hospital
Open To: Anyone with a good reason

Lisa's internal clock told her that right now, she should be giving Alessa her medication. With the exact amount of steps required to get her to the table, Lisa picked up the syringe and stuck it into the bottle. When the syringe had the right weight, she was sure that she had the right amount.

She administered the painkillers to the young patient, and walked back to the table, picking up the bottle from the place she always put it. It was too light. The blind nurse shook it a bit, and found that it made a little sound at the bottom. It was almost empty.

Miss Garland walked back to her patient and stood in front of her oxygen tank. "I must get another bottle. I will be back." She whispered in a disused voice. The nurse in red turned and walked out of the room. Using the walls as a guide, she walked down the halls until she came to the elevator. Lisa went up to the first floor, and she continued to use the walls until she found the store room. Finally, the blind nurse opened the door and walked in, estimating how many steps it would take to get her to the painkillers and antibiotics before she made her move.
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