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Who: Alessa Gillespie (game)
When: Who can tell in this place?
Where: Lakeside area
Open to: Anyone in foggy or nightmare SH

Lisa... the man... the Xuchilbara-who-wasn't...

They'd all vanished, fading into some new layer of the nightmare.

The town wasn't hers anymore. She'd never been able to fully control it, but it had been as familiar as the house that'd burned with her, or the basement room where she'd lived. Now... it had grown in ways that shouldn't be possible, weird lumps and dips in the separate layers distorting the town as she knew it, even as it appeared to be the same place.

She stood by the lake, trying to get her bearings. There were people here, entering from outside, appearing from within, and it didn't make sense, and she didn't want them there. To watch helplessly as God's angels found them and destroyed them... she didn't want that again. But she didn't know what to do- not even her death had released the town.

She left her body behind and fled the amusement park. Everything seemed to be the same, but there were subtly warped parts here and there. The hotel, the lake... the pattern of the nightmare. Things were grafted on, twisted, altered to make room for new parts.

She'd have to find what was behind it all... get it to stop, somehow, before more people fell victim to the place. Alessa started walking, looking in the town and the nightmare for the parts where her Silent Hill and this different one ran into one another.
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