Carrie Reed (just_a_legend) wrote in townofsilence,
Carrie Reed

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Who: Carrie Reed
When: Mid-morning
Where: Nathan Street, near the Historical Society
Open to: Anyone in the area

Carrie leaned against her car, talking aloud as she wrote in her notebook, "Drove to town around eight thirty A.M. Car clock and wristwatch died soon after. Appear to be no people in the Historical Society, working or otherwise-" She decided to omit the fact she had stopped less for scientific needs and more for the fact she had drank one too many glasses of water beforehand. "-Very foggy. Hard to see. Car won't start, but I can walk into town from here. Should find a person in town, I think."

Carrie put a cap on her pen and dropped it, along her notebook, into a totebag, and started to walk into Silent Hill.
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