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Who: Laura
When: Daytime
Where: Nathan Ave., headed into South Vale; Foggy Silent Hill
Open to: Anyone

It was day 2 of her quest in the town proper, and she still hadn't seen Mary anywhere. But it was a big place. Laura read over the letters she'd taken from the hospital again.

Well, I'm alone there now...

In our "special place"
Waiting for you...

She'd written that to James. Not that he'd ever go. He didn't see her in the hospital when she was nearby, so why would he bother to try to find her when she was in another town?

So, it was up to Laura to find her.

Special place... She tried to think back to the places Mary had described. Maybe the park? There was that photograph of Mary by the lake there, smiling...

There were just so many places here. Well, she'd check them all. If Mary was waiting, she'd have to be somewhere.
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Angela's pace was slowing down, the girl feeling herself growing weary from all of the walking that she'd been doing. She hadn't stopped for a rest since arriving in the seemingly deserted town, and she doubted that she would anytime soon.

She had to find her family...but could they really be in this town? Everything was so dead; so derelict. She could hear things too. Whisperings. Noises.

And the monsters...

But Angela had to find them. She was determined to, questioning why they left her alone...
Another person!

A grownup, from the looks of things, but Laura was tired of wandering alone. Besides, maybe this one had seen Mary. She jogged over.

"Hey, who're you?"
Angela had had her back turned to the girl, her eyes on the ground and her foot kicking at the asphalt of the road absently. She was merely standing there, trying to work out what her next move would be.

Would she actually stop for a rest, like she honestly felt like doing, or would she continue on? She didn't even take note of the tiny footsteps on the concrete, pattering closer towards her.

It was only when she heard a voice from behind her that she spun around in utter fright and stumbled back a few paces, her heart pounding as she suffered from that momentary panic attack.

Angela took a deep breath, upon realising that the voice belonged to a kid.

"Oh..I'm..I'm really sorry." Angela said gently, crossing her arms over her chest and biting her lip.
How stupid she had been...
OK, that? Not a normal grownup reaction. Laura smirked a bit.

"Didja think I was a monster or somethin'?" she asked, coming closer, "Didja think I was gonna get you?" She'd never given thought to what might happen after the getting- just being gotten was pretty much bad enough.

"Do you live here?"
Angela felt pretty bad for her reaction to the girl, and her remarks hadn't made Angela feel any better. It really had been silly for her to become so spooked...but the town. There were monsters in the town; and this kid was the first person Angela had seen since arriving. After mentally scolding herself for being so stupid, Angela frowned at the kid.

"I'm sorry. Why...why do you think that I live here?" She asked, quickly lowering her gaze. What exactly did the kid know about her?

Of course, Angela took the meaning of the question differently to how a lot of others would. Sad but true.
"Well, you're here and walkin' around, aren't you? Or are you a tourist?" She looked the woman over appraisingly. "You don't have any cameras or nothin'."
"I..I guess. I'm sorry." Angela apologised.

"I came here looking for my ma..mother." She quickly halted her wording before she said something that would make her look even more foolish. "My father and brother too..but this town.."

She couldn't help but wonder why this girl was wandering around on her own, with the monsters lurking about. She couldn't help but feel concerned for her safety, The girl had to have someone with her, right?

" come you're on your own, though? Someone's..looking after you, right?"

Angela looked around momentarily, hoping that her parents would come around at that moment and pick her up. But she had a sick feeling that it wouldn't happen.
"What's there to be sorry for? Did you do something bad?" This lady doesn't look much like the type to be doing bad things, in Laura's opinion, but you never know- she could actually be pretty interesting.

"I met a guy lookin' for his mom, too... I dunno where he went. He was pretty dumb, though. I bet he got lost."

She frowned at the same old question. "I don't have anybody. My best friend's here, so I'm trying to find her. But I can take care of myself."
Angela shook her head. "I..don't know. I feel like I do bad things a's all." She said, answering the kid's question. She thought she'd been stupid anyway, and it was always good to apologise for being stupid, right?

Angela frowned at the kid's other statement. The kid didn't have anyone with her. Angela wasn't really one to look after kids. She couldn't handle them, but it'd be wrong to leave her alone.

"'re sure you'll be alright on your own? T..this town is crazy."

Angela didn't want to downright scare her by saying that there were monsters around; if for some strange reason the kid hadn't actually seen them.
"That's okay," she replied easily, "You said you were sorry, so even if it was bad, it'll be all better now."

She peered into the fog. "I can take care of myself. Besides, I don't need someone slowing me down. I gotta find Mary!"
Angela bit her lip, and then nodded. The girl was right. Angela definitely would slow her down, and get in her way.

"'re right. I hope you find your friend." She said, offering a smile. "Be careful, alright?" She said. She worried, but Angela both knew that she wouldn't be able to take care of her, and wouldn't be able to persuade the girl to go with her anyway.

"And..uh..If I see a Mary, how tell her you're looking for her?"
"Yeah." She nodded, smiling.

"Hope you find your mom."

And with that, she was off.