Laura (runawayalot) wrote in townofsilence,

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Who: Laura
When: Daytime
Where: Nathan Ave., headed into South Vale; Foggy Silent Hill
Open to: Anyone

It was day 2 of her quest in the town proper, and she still hadn't seen Mary anywhere. But it was a big place. Laura read over the letters she'd taken from the hospital again.

Well, I'm alone there now...

In our "special place"
Waiting for you...

She'd written that to James. Not that he'd ever go. He didn't see her in the hospital when she was nearby, so why would he bother to try to find her when she was in another town?

So, it was up to Laura to find her.

Special place... She tried to think back to the places Mary had described. Maybe the park? There was that photograph of Mary by the lake there, smiling...

There were just so many places here. Well, she'd check them all. If Mary was waiting, she'd have to be somewhere.
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