Sr Claudia Wolf (sisterclaudia) wrote in townofsilence,
Sr Claudia Wolf

Who: Cybil Bennet and Claudia Wolf
When: Late afternoon
Where: The outskirts of the town
Open to: Anybody

The unlikely pair, having successfully completed the acquisition of clothing, had stopped by at the Brahms Police Department. It had been virtually deserted. For the first time in about 20 years, there had been a bank robbery. There hadn’t seemed much point leaving a note for her superiors. If things went wrong, what would they do? Send in the cavalry? She’d really rather they didn’t.

This time, however, before setting off, she was going to be smart enough to pack the necessary supplies, despite Claudia’s insistence that God would provide. Chocolate bars, some handkerchiefs (because in that bastard Silent Hill place, the toilets never had any toilet roll), weapons, ammo, a light, a first aid kit…

“God will protect us from harm,” Claudia had observed, arching a (metaphorical) eyebrow.

“Is that a fucking yes or no? Do you, or do you not want a bulletproof vest?” Cybil could see this getting exasperating. She was glad they were taking the motorbike, because it meant that they would not be able to play any car games such as “Name that scripture passage”, and there would be a distinct lack of muffled God-related noises (and they would be muffled, because she had some duct tape).

It was vaguely sad, because there were a lot of officers she would like to have seen before she left.

“As good as these people’s intentions are, do they not realise that all honour and glory comes from God alone?” Claudia remarked aloud as she observed a half eaten doughnut impassively.

“Well we could use some of those good intentions along with us,” Cybil replied. “Assuming you can even get us in.”

“Then good intentions would turn horribly misguided, because your men would die. Silent Hill isn’t calling to them, it is calling you.”

Cybil rolled her eyes. “Men.” She scribbled in her notes that she’d received a call about a lead on a case, and was going to Silent Hill to investigate.

And so they departed from the station, Cybil not entirely sure if she would ever be back, and left for Silent Hill by bike. No matter how insistent the cop was, Claudia would not wear a helmet, but then again, where they were going, the last thing they had to worry them was concussion.
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