Angela (xabstractangelx) wrote in townofsilence,

WHO: Angela Orosco
WHERE: Heading towards Rosewater Park
WHEN: Afternoon
OPEN TO: Anyone

Angela paused, taking a deep breath and shaking her head gently, feeling her exhaustion getting the better of her. She gave in, sitting upon the roadside and hugging her knees to her chest, watching the ground. She was so tired, but she had to find her parents. Angela knew that they had sometimes gone to Rosewater Park; just for walks. Perhaps she could find them there, all perfectly okay. All safe, and unharmed by monsters and unphased by the fog.

She wanted so much for them all to be okay.

She knew she was doing wrong, sitting there and doing nothing to help her cause, but her efforts had been fruitless so far, and her legs were killing her. She wanted rest. She wanted the pain in her legs to go, but she knew she had to stop being selfish. She had to find them. What if they needed her help?

It wasn't like Angela could do much to help. She could hardly protect herself, let alone another person, but she'd try. She wanted to get up and move on; but she felt that it was seriously high time for some rest. She just hoped that no monsters would come along as she was waiting for the pain to ease.
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