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Freddie Houghton

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WHO: Freddie Houghton
WHERE: Nathan Ave. / Neely St.; foggy
WHEN: Mid-morning (?)
OPEN TO: Anyone

That walk into Silent Hill took longer than she anticipated. The forest path was unkempt and overgrown. Following the proper trail was difficult and once or twice she snagged her foot on a rogue vine. She waited a minute to admire the beautious quiet of the cemetary, her fingers grazing the tombstone markings. When it was time to move on, she fumbled for the gate that would lead her into town. It stuck with slimy moss and she wrenched at it until the gate swung open with a groan.

Now she found herself on Nathan Avenue, a road that stretched endlessly before her. She had passed what appeared to be a fire station, although the place had fallen into such disrepair that it was clearly no more use to anyone. Assuming there were trucks still inside, they were probably covered in a thick layer of ashen dust, their engines corroded. Even the bricks that made up the station's foundation looked like they would crumble into nothing at the slightest touch. And then there was the fog.

Never before had she encountered all-encompassing mist. It shrouded everything - streets, cars - in a death veil. The very thought made her quiver.

'Resort my eye.'

She tightened her blazer around her waist. Something crumpled in her left pocket and her hand dove to retrieve the item. It was a picture of Faye. The last picture, in fact, that had been taken of her before she went missing. She was looking over her shoulder at the viewer, bearing a sweet half-smile. A little tiger puppet was draped over her hand, waving. It was an old doll she found in their parent's attic. It hadn't belonged to either of them growing up, but Faye brought it home anyway and propped it on the T.V. antenna.

Freddie numbly tucked the picture away and turned onto Neely, bracing herself against what little wind there was.
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